The Locales of BattleMage

What follows are the assorted geographical locations and their descriptions, from Magic: the Gathering - BattleMage. They are listed in the order they appear in the game.


The island of Stonehaven. Her lighthouses guide mighty vessels from the Western Seas to the once proud ports of Arathoxia. Once it was a glimmer of hope, welcoming all to the beauty that is Corondor, now she lies mostly abandoned. The once friendly merfolk have become suspicious of strangers, and spirits both fair and foul are rumored to haunt this place.


Arathoxia. To the west of her swamp and her treacherous cliffs lay what was once the world’s richest city-state. Now, Arathoxia lies in ruins – its Ruby House abandoned. It was the first of Corondor’s great cities to fall before the fury of Ravidel. Yet even here, amidst broken columns and shattered lives, there is both hope and resistance to the Battlemage. General Yorgo, one time companion to Jared Carthalion, is desperately defending the city and it’s residents from the worst of the planeswalker war.


Across the Plains of Ephren lie the ruins of Castle Melmereth – ancestral home to the Carthalion family lineage. Destroyed during Jared Carthalion’s first duel with Ravidel, its perilous dungeons yet contain untold treasures.


The forest Krysalthus, a sea of green enchantment to the north of Arathoxia. Home to the Ironroot, and all manner of wooded creature, it is also sacred ground to the House Verdenth… the seat of Emerald Magic.

Stonehaven Plains

The plains of southern Stonehaven, heartland to Corondor’s western province. A quiet, peaceful place Stonehaven Plains is one of the few places that has been spared the horrors of the planeswalker war. A home for farmers and gentle scholars, even it’s resident ghost inspires sympathy rather than terror.

Cape of Casindral

The Cape of Casindral. Mariners have long hailed this misty island as one of fair omen, for to pass it by sea is to be taken by the current at twice the speed of the southern albatross. It is from this good harbor that merchant ships, pleasure craft, and pirate vessels have launched, for anywhere on Corondor’s Southern Coast is reachable from here. This is also the landing point for unfortunate refugees from the recent troubles in the tropical land of Jamuura.


The majestic Quirion Sovereign. There are those who believe these lands would be the last to fall to those who would conqueror Corondor. Founded by elf clans fleeing drowning Terisiare, the Quirion have faced many challenges in their long history, and carry with them the memory of the revolt of the Thallids. Determined to defend their home, Quirion has become an armed camp. Non-elves would be advised to tread carefully, for the Exarch Amadis is notoriously short-tempered.

White Woods

The White Woods, deep within Quirion. Amidst the broadleaf and silver birch are the elven warriors of the Kieryn and Calthyn clans. Legends also tell of a protector, Eskil the White, who knew and helped redeem a Fallen Angel long ago. A being with such power is surely not to be trifled with.


The swamps of Sulgh, deathplace of the Wizard Coldwraith, and mouth of the Golthonor Torrent. Even a cursory glance reveals that these swamps are dying, their power leached away by Ravidel’s manipulations. It’s denizens have suffered the abuses of magicians before though, and one would be wise not to discount the power of the swamps fiery guardian.

Battle Rising

Battle Rising. These historic battlefields now form the gateway to the lands of eastern Corondor. Ages of warfare have made this beautiful place deceptively dangerous. The land itself is sometimes rumoured to come to life, others would believe that an incredibly powerful nature spirit defends this territory.


The Plains of Urlan, where bone is like silver, and Visionaries search the stars for signs. Her people are allies to any who would defend Corondor from conqueror wizards.


The enchanted plains of Ephren, the domain of Lord Adam Carthalion until the destruction of his army in the Battle of Aster Fall. In the distance stand the Ten Summits, from which Adam drew his power.


Oremon, tallest mountain in all of Corondor. Said to be the home of the Ash Warlords, it has never been fully explored.


Hamath, north of the Plains of Urlan and northernmost city on the River Tenamis. Strong does she stand against the growing shadow – and warily she guards the House Kadesha, the throne of Pearl Magic.

Urlan Wild

Urlan’s northern wilderness. To journey across these pristine lands is to remember why Corondor is worth fighting for.

Ice Wastes

The Northern Ice Wastes. To travel beyond its horizons, is to touch the top of the world. “Living in the Wastes” is an old Arathoxian expression for insanity, for to live in this land is proof of either great madness or great power. Often both.


Minorad. Wizards, sages and historians from over the world traveled to this place at the end of Dominaria’s great Ice Age. Here they commemorated the start of a new era of enlightenment for the world. Minorad would become a repository for all wisdom, a resource for those seeking knowledge. But she was destroyed by Ravidel, who stole what he needed to ignite the Planeswalker War. Still, her deepest archives may yet hold the answers to timeless mysteries.

Spine of Corondor

The towering Spine of Corondor, this mountain chain runs a thousand miles from Minorad to the Plains of Casindral. A dozen stalwart races are said to reside within its fiery mantle. Chief among them are the ever warring tribes of kobolds with their orc vassals, fierce ogres, and mighty giants such as Schulog the Terrible. It is said that if the inhabitants of the Spine could overcome their hatred of each other, they could sweep over Corondor.


Trovash, southernmost chain in the Spine that divides the continent. Its caverns are said to harbor mysterious artifacts brought to Corondor from Terisiare during the Brother’s War.


East of the Quirion Forest, west of the Great Salt Marsh, lies the majestic trade city of Shikar. Her towering spires are jewels on the coast of Casindral. Shikar is in danger, however. The momentous events of the Planeswar have prompted a power struggle among the cities factions. The fear of it’s panicked citizens is that the city will not put up even a token resistance to the Conquerers.


The Citadel of Khone, deep within the Sulgh Swamp. Restless and hungry, this kingdom has remained in isolation for far too long, and the Keeper of House Jet is a fickle lord. Once the heart of Geyadrone Dihada’s domain, Khone was destroyed by Sol’kanar the Swamp King. Since Khone’s reconstruction, House Jet has had but one guiding principle – don't get involved.

Darkling Plain

The Darkling Plains, east of the Dueling Chasm, home to the nomadic war tribes of Golthonor. From this endless scrub great armies can be raised...and chaos unleashed.

Dueling Chasm

The Dueling Chasm of Golthonor. Legend tells of a great battle between the wizard Dakkon and the demon sorceress Geyadrone Dihada. So great was their duel, that the earth cracked asunder, and a chasm of monoliths formed. From here, Ravidel launched his Mox Beacon, and spreads his evil. Even now the canyon walls echo to the shrill voices of bickering Conquerers.

Sand Seas

The deadly Sand Seas of Golthonor, traversible by no mortal without the aid of sorcery. It is ruled by a being known as the Sand Mage; no one has seen her face and survived to tell the tale.

Northern Wilds

The tor and pine of Golthonor’s northern wild, east of the Valley of Minorad. A harsh land, inhabited by ogres, trolls, and the hardiest of Golth barbarians.

Great Salt Marsh

Golthonor’s Great Salt Marsh, a vast wasteland in a desolate province. Long-suffering under the ruinous taxes of the Golth overlords, and filled with hatred for the visible symbol of oppression, the wizard Grenfell, it’s people are well-armed, and ripe for rebellion.


The Bridge City of Telemar, spanning the waters between the Golthonor mainland and the Isle of Corundis. Originally a walled fortress to protect the island, her population has grown so dense that even the House Sapphire has been moved to this remarkable locale.

Island of Corundis

The island nation Corundis, once the most powerful in all of Corondor, now staggers as a dying civilization, starved for the riches of the West.

Kristina’s Woods

Kristina’s Woods, home to the alliance that would defend the land against Ravidel’s growing shadow. A haven to all, this enchanted forest has been declared open to all who would resist the conquerors of Corondor. Yet when Defenders meet here, none know if they can work out their private passions in time to save the land.